• Have you seen the simple and generous stone Showing Room?

    As a stone showing room, it mainly aims at stone display, but it is not only an open display platform, but also a platform for product use and communication. It is also an artistic platform for users to experience product culture. It is equipped with multimedia conference room, quality room, rest...
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  • Quartz stone countertop joint blackening repair method

    As the country’s environmental protection requirements continue to increase, a variety of building materials have certain restrictions, as the government’s vigorous support of quartz stone is gradually entering a family, becoming the leader of the cabinet countertop materials. In addi...
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  • Acrylic display stand maintenance

    We all know that acrylic data racks can be used to store some stone samples, which bring a lot of convenience to people’s lives. Acrylic data racks are widely used in exhibition halls, exhibitions, stores, promotional points, etc., although they are beautiful in appearance and light in weig...
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  • Matters needing attention during the daily use of ceramic display racks

    I. Placement environment: Many display stands are made of steel or wood products. If it is placed in a humid environment and mixed with moisture in the air, it will easily rust and crack. A long display stand is naturally useless. In this case, avoid placing it in a moderately large place. If it ...
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  • Different stone needs to choose different display stand

    There are so many kinds of stone in China, and many of them can be divided into many (granite, marble, limestone, sandstone, volcanic rock, quartz stone, slate, basalt, artificial stone, etc.). They all have their own advantages, but they also have their own shortcomings. In the face of the incre...
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  • 3 kind of stone display stands commonly used in stone exhibitions.

    3 kind of stone display stands commonly used in stone exhibitions.

    1.Stone display rack: The stone display rack is characterized by a large number of stone samples placed, and the stone sample display is comprehensive. What’s more, because it has a separate angle of placement, it will look extra-beautiful and maximize the uniqueness of the stone. The disad...
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  • The Stone Display Rack Design /The Placement Of the Stone Display Rack

    First:The Stone Display Rack Design 1, stability No matter how beautiful the appearance of the display rack, it will still have good stability in the end, so as to ensure the long-term use of the display rack and bring convenience to the user’s life. 2, to carefully analyze your own space B...
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  • Several common materials in stone display racks

    Today I want to introduce you to several materials commonly used in stone display racks: 1. Stainless steel material Advantages: It has corrosion and high temperature resistance, as well as its acid resistant medium, high temperature oxidation resistance, and is very strong. Disadvantages: Stainl...
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  • Display features

    Commercial display racks are now widely used to create better conditions for the sale of goods. The application of the display rack can play a role in displaying the goods, and can also render the atmosphere environment and promote the company and the brand. InnostrateDisplay rack manufacturers h...
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  • Reasons for the deformation of quartz stone countertops

    Nowadays, people are talking about the demand for home decoration, which not only pursues the external beauty, but also requires the decoration materials to be green and environmentally friendly. Everyone knows that the current decorative materials, the price of real environmentally friendly mate...
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  • What is the difference between showcases and display stands

    The same point: 1. The display stand and the showcase have the same purpose as their names. At trade fairs or fairs, etc., we will use display stands or showcases. At this time, the exhibition stand and the showcase are all playing the role of display, showing the products and treasures we want t...
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  • Display rack is one of the many sales methods

    Display rack is one of the many sales methods: 1: Display rack sales is also the most powerful and effective sales method for many sales. He can directly and directly make the most direct sales to customers. Many well-known brands will use the display rack as an ultimate promotion means. Display...
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