Regarding stone maintenance, stone clarity is particularly important.

Many people think that stone maintenance is to regularly polish the stone, but there is another job of stone maintenance that is stone cleaning. Let’s take a look at the stone cleaning.
1. Physical cleaning method; the so-called physical cleaning method is to use some physical principles to clean the marble stains. Of course, to achieve the desired cleaning effect, you need some tools, such as using a shovel to remove the stains on the stone. Rinse is also very fast.
2. Chemical method. As the name implies, chemical method uses some reactions in chemistry to remove stains. Generally, some chemical reagents are used to clean the stains. Generally speaking, common stains have a very good cleaning effect.
So what do you need to pay attention to when cleaning the stone?
1. Ensure that the stone surface is clean. Because there are many people in and out, the sand and sand brought in will wear the stone surface and cause the stone to lose its gloss. Regular maintenance and maintenance of gloss.
2. Remove pollution in time. The pollution source will enter the interior of the stone along the pores of the stone, causing pollution to the stone.
3, do a good job of stone protection. Prevent water sources or pollutants from entering the stone, and timely and regularly take protective measures.
Stone is an indispensable part of decoration. Most of the decoration will use stone for decoration, but the conservation of stone is also very important. Regularly curing the stone can ensure the texture and gloss of the stone.

Post time: Dec-03-2019
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