Common stone problems deal with early treatment

As one of the decoration materials, stone has become an important legion of the major decoration market. The prices of various brands and major sellers are also different. The quality is good, the price is high, the brand is loud, and the price is high. Consumers need to choose the stone products that suit their needs. Many people will find out after the renovation that the stone will actually deteriorate, not only the low price stone will have problems.

1. The rust spots on the stone. This is a common stone problem in many families or hotels. Generally, there are two reasons for causing stone rust spots. One is the problem of the stone itself, which is the iron in the stone.
We know that some stone comes from nature and will have a little iron. When these elements are in the water, they will rust, so that they will appear on the surface of the stone to form rust spots. The other is for the outside world. When people are processing stone or decorating, the iron-bearing material is in contact with the stone, and it will rust after passing through the water. Of course, this rust is easier to remove than the previous one. Regardless of the price of the stone, there is usually such a rust.

2. The stone appears to seep. Many buildings in the city center, especially those in areas with more serious environmental pollution, have more such phenomena. This is because the stone has a certain amount of water absorption, and the polluted air contains acid. These acids will exist on the surface of the stone, and the rain also contains acid, so that the stone will be corroded if it exists in an acidic environment for a long time. And into the pores of the stone, which become stains, generally more difficult to handle.
In this case, if it is a high-quality stone with a relatively high stone price, the situation may be better.

3. Water marks appear on the stone. When the stone is processed, generally in order to prevent overheating, it is necessary to sprinkle water or immerse in water, so that the surface of the stone will leave water marks, and it will exist for a long time, it is difficult to disappear, even if it is mad, it will leave traces.
How to carry out the maintenance of stone for all kinds of problems? It is very important to do a good job of stone maintenance, because the price of stone is generally high. Once it is damaged, it will affect the appearance. It will cost a lot of money to re-lay it.

First of all, the maintenance of stone is very necessary. Therefore, consumers should pay attention to it from the ideological point of view. Whether it is newly bought stone or original old stone, there will always be certain wear problems in the long-term use process. , thus affecting its gloss. Only after maintenance can it maintain its luster.

Secondly, it is necessary to wait until the problem cannot be solved. When you first discover it, you should carry out professional maintenance. Otherwise, if you have reached a certain level, you will not be able to maintain it. Especially if the price of stone is relatively high, it should pay more attention to timely maintenance.
In addition, pay attention to the treatment of different problems. For example, in the face of rust spots, professional rust removal products can be used. This product can effectively remove rust spots and will not affect the stone. Of course, do not use corrosive things, which will damage the stone. Of course, it is a good way to prevent the stone from causing problems when it is possible to avoid the exposure of the stone to acidic substances during construction.
Compared with some decoration materials, the price of stone is expensive and cheap, but no matter how, maintenance is an important method to maintain the quality of stone.

Post time: Oct-08-2019
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