Have you seen the simple and generous stone exhibition hall?

As a stone exhibition hall, it mainly aims at stone display, but it is not only an open display platform, but also a platform for product use and communication. It is also an artistic platform for users to experience product culture. It is equipped with multimedia conference room, quality room, rest area, office area and general manager’s office. With a streamlined layout, customers can naturally reach each space. A large number of stone materials are used in the selection of materials. The natural texture and elegant temperament of the stone maximize the indoor space tension. The wall and ceiling are extended to the entire space with European elements, making the line of sight richer, full of understated luxury and elegant elegance.

The display space of the various devices enclosed and not closed is a looming distance. The combination of color embellishment and soft decoration gives the space a modern and simple aesthetic, the natural texture of the stone, and the mysterious romance.

Post time: Nov-08-2019
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