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Innostate Display is a professional marketing tools manufacturing company. Our products are well accepted in building materials retailing & wholesaling industries especially for the engineering stone and porcelain tiles. In such industries it is required to constantly prepare samples in various sizes to show to customers or for displaying purposes. We offer all types of the display products customise made in order to fulfil the color selection displaying requirement. Such like the sample tower stands, sample collection book/boxset and most the other marketing accessories such as product brochures/printings/brand clothware etc.

We believe that the professional displaying products with the right design would be very helpful to make the brand be recognisable; however the complete branding design solution, with the integrated marketing tools is the KEY to make the brand out stands from competition. Therefore instead of only promoting single display product to the customer, Our designers and engineers team are keen to work together with our customers and their marketing team to have the better understanding of the brand and also working at the edge of creativity in order to deliver the tailor-fit marketing tool solutions specially designed & crafted for the customers. If there is lack of any promoting tool we are able to create & match. In addition, we have the service to help customers to upgrade/redeveloping their displaying tools to gear up their brands.

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  • Nrog zoo, tsim nyog tus nqi, nyob rau lub sij hawm tus me nyuam thiab Mekas & tus kheej cov kev pab cuam los pab cov neeg muas zaub tau lawv cov hom phiaj ntse, peb lub tuam txhab no twb tau mus qhuas nyob rau hauv ob qho tib si domestic thiab txawv teb chaws ciaj uas muag. Buyers yuav xav tias dawb hu rau peb.

    We not only have our own factories, complete production lines and well-trained workers.In addition, we offer the convenience of making prototypes for you before placing an order.

    So that our customers can consider whether to place an order after getting the prototype, and  eliminate your concerns about product quality at the same time.


  • We believe that the professional displaying products with the right design would be very helpful to make the brand be recognisable; however the complete branding design solution, with the integrated marketing tools is the KEY to make the brand out stands from competition. Therefore instead of only promoting single display product to the customer, Our designers and engineers team are keen to work together with our customers and their marketing team to have the better understanding of the brand and also working at the edge of creativity in order to deliver the tailor-fit marketing tool solutions specially designed & crafted for the customers. If there is lack of any promoting tool we are able to create & match. In addition, we have the service to help customers to upgrade/redeveloping their displaying tools to gear up their brands.

    Peb pab neeg paub zoo rau hauv lub lag luam zov nyob rau hauv ntau lub teb chaws, thiab muaj peev xwm sawv ntawm muab cov khoom zoo ntawm cov nqi tshaj rau txawv ciaj uas muag. Peb lub tuam txhab twb teem ib tug kws, muaj tswv yim thiab lub luag hauj lwm pab neeg los tsim cov neeg nrog lub multi-yeej hauv paus ntsiab lus.

  • Successful case:

    Stone Ambassador displaying tool packages include large sample tower stand for showroom; smaller size sample stand and Cardboard sample Boxset for desktop; Plastic sample books for hand carrying, and Cube sample box for boutique selection. We had also serviced the design of product brochures and catalogs, Marketing flyers, Sample stickers, T-shirt and Hats etc.


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