What products are included in the stone exhibition equipment?

Stone display is used to display stone samples. Commonly used places include: stone exhibition halls, stone stores, stone exhibitions, stone promotion activities. As an old business engaged in stone exhibitions for 8 years, I would like to introduce to you which products are included in the stone exhibition equipment.

1. Stone display rack: The stone display rack is characterized by a large number of stone samples placed, and the stone sample display is comprehensive. What’s more, because it has a separate angle of placement, it will look extra-beautiful and maximize the uniqueness of the stone. The disadvantage is that it is not convenient to carry. For stone merchants who need to engage in outdoor activities for a long time, it is a disaster to carry them every time.

2, stone countertop display stand: small size, weight relative to the stone display stand light. Place it on the table. His design is intended to be convenient for customers to take care of when the customer enters the store and then introduces the stone in detail or negotiates. The cut stone sample is also smaller than the stone display stand. Customers will also save time and effort. And it is very important because it is relatively light in weight, which is convenient for the merchant to move and carry.

3, stone sample book: sample book has a variety of materials, the most commonly used is EVA material, paper material plastic material. Different materials are used for different needs of customers, and the advantages and disadvantages are obvious. The production of the stone sample book is for the convenience of stone dealers. The stone company was promoted from indirect and sideways.

4, stone sample box: sample box relative stone sample book is more upscale, business. The main materials are aluminum, wood and so on. For some customers who have brand awareness and need to carry stone samples for a long time, the stone sample box can provide you with maximum portability.

Post time: Jun-13-2019
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