Three steps to rejuvenate the stone

The first step is to scrub the surface of the stone and remove the dirt that has penetrated into the stone. After finishing, apply the rust remover. Marble rust remover, the rust removal effect is slower, and the rusted area must be removed after 5 times of cleaning. If the construction period is short, granite rust remover can be used, which has corrosive effect on stone stone. Therefore, it can be diluted by 1 time to be used above, and severe rust can be removed only twice.

The second step is to clean the stone with water, and the stone surface is dried to prepare a stone coloring agent. Taking Dahua Green Stone as an example, two green and black colorants are mixed at 1:0.3, and 1 times the amount of stone coloring diluent is added. The use of a diluent is to reduce the concentration of the colorant, and the second is to allow the colorant to penetrate into the deeper part of the stone.

The third step is to apply a coloring agent and a protective agent. The coloring agent should be evenly applied, and it should be allowed to stand for more than 2 hours after painting. After the surface is dry, wipe off the surface. Check that the coloring is uniform. If unevenness is found, the coloring should be repeated. After making sure that it is correct, apply a brightening stone protectant and wipe off the surface float after 2 hours. The comprehensive treatment of stone curing stone disease is not only applicable to the old stone, but also applicable to the newly installed stone. If the newly installed stone has a large color difference, the color processing is performed. Another example is the color change treatment of the stone, which turns the light stone into yellow, red, green and black. The comprehensive treatment of stone is determined by the variety of stones and the condition of the disease. Be sure to observe carefully before construction, consider thoughtful, adequate test, reasonable process, detailed plan, only in this way can achieve the best governance effect.

Post time: Sep-24-2019
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