The quality of quartz stone plate is reflected in the aspect

It is estimated that everyone is familiar with quartz stone. It is one of the most ideal countertop materials and the most used material on the countertop. Quartz stone is made up of cullet and quartz sand as the main filler (silica content reaches 99.9%). Unsaturated resin is added and stirred for high pressure and high vibration molding.

Since the content of quartz in the plate is as high as 93% or more, it is separated from the artificial stone product by quartz stone manufacturers as quartz stone. The surface of quartz stone is smooth, smooth and scratch-free, dense and non-porous, colorful and colorful. The structure is anti-corrosion and anti-fouling like glass. The finished shape is as perfect as artificial stone. The advantages of quartz stone compared with other materials are: wear resistance, scratch resistance, high temperature resistance, penetration resistance, no color difference, etc.

What are the main differences in the quality of quartz stone? The same quartz stone plate, but the quality has a huge difference. The quality of quartz stone raw materials will directly affect the quality of the board. The main filler quartz sand is divided into several grades, and the price is also several times different. In addition, the ratio of raw materials, if the content of quartz sand in the plate is less than 90%, it will directly affect its hardness.

The most important reason for affecting the quality of sheet metal is production equipment. At present, the quartz stone production process is mainly based on die casting, and the tonnage of the press is the key to the quality of the sheet. In the production of quartz stone, the force per square should be above 60 tons (the negative pressure should be above 98 under vacuum conditions), and the density of the plate should reach 2.6g/cm3.

China’s small quartz stone factory has many homes, and the pressure tonnage of small manufacturers is not up to this requirement. The production equipment they use may be early obsolete equipment, mainly to quickly occupy the market with low quartz stone prices. For those who have long-term management of the quartz stone industry, they can be distinguished only by looking at the appearance of the brand plate. Even if the appearance is not visible, in the processing of the plate, it can be felt when the material is opened.

So how should our end users distinguish? In fact, the difference in the quality of quartz stone plates is mainly the hardness of the plates. We can use irons such as keys and fruit knives to scratch the surface of the plates. If a white scratch appears, it is unacceptable because the white scratch is a powder of the sheet material. If the black scratch is qualified, because the hardness of quartz is second only to diamond, its hardness is higher than that of iron, and the black scratch is the color of iron.

Post time: May-16-2019
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