Conservation Tips – Daily Stone Maintenance Steps

It is very simple to want to clean properly. Whether your floor is marble, slate, granite, travertine or terrazzo, basic daily cleaning is important. Stone flooring adds beauty and elegance to the home, and the right cleaning care keeps it beautiful.

Step 1: Dust off the stone floor regularly, if possible once a day. The dust removal frequency is determined according to the flow of people.

Step 2: Clean the floor with a wet mop and use stone soap if necessary. You can also just wash with water. Do not go through the game.

Step 3: Re-polish the stone floor every two or three years, or ask the experts to polish. When you realize that the stone floor has begun to fade, you need to re-polish.

Step 4: In case of a spill, clear it immediately.

Step 5: Repair the deep scratch on the stone floor. It is best to ask the expert to repair it. Once it is found, it should be treated in time.


1. If there is no stone soap, replace it with a neutral soap.

2. The dust mop and wet mop should be used separately and should not be used elsewhere.

3. Prevent gravel dust from entering the stone floor, which will scratch and destroy the floor.

4. Do not use vinegar, chemical cleaners, or wax on the stone floor.

5. If the gloss on the stone floor becomes dim, there is only one way to repair it, that is, re-grinding.

Post time: Sep-23-2019
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