Any stone needs to be carefully cared for

According to experts from the China Stone Industry Association, both granite and marble are microporous rigid materials with natural water absorption, which are likely to be contaminated during paving and use. The seemingly hard stone is actually very delicate and needs to be carefully taken care of when it is paved and used.

■Professional protective agent must be used

In order to prevent damage to high-grade stone, different stone materials and different paving positions should be selected with suitable protective agents: water-repellent or oil-repellent protective agents.

According to the China Stone Testing Center, there are many consumer complaints caused by the cleaning and maintenance of the stone by the cleaning company. According to experts, the scientific method of stone maintenance is to choose a special cleaning agent and curing agent. Never use a toilet cleaner instead.

■Bathroom, kitchen stone needs daily maintenance

The most important thing in the daily use of marble floor is dustproof, which is to prevent the dust from rubbing against the ground. For example, the local dirt can be wiped off with a wet hot towel, then dry with a dry towel, or cleaned with a professional detergent.

The most important thing in the bathroom is to prevent contamination such as soap spots and shampoo. It can be maintained by using 1-2 times of stone special maintenance wax every week.

The oil-repellent treatment of kitchen countertops is the key. Fluorine-silicon professional protective agents should be used for protection. Daily maintenance can be used in a similar way to bathroom countertops.

Choosing stone radioactivity indicators can not be asked

When talking about radioactivity, especially those who are preparing to buy stone for home decoration, they can’t help but worry.

■ Low concentration of radioactivity is not a problem

According to Wu Huishan, an expert specializing in stone radioactivity, all natural substances on the earth contain different amounts of natural radioactive elements. The low concentration of radioactive radiation naturally occurring in nature not only does not endanger human health, but is also an integral part of the natural balance system.

Experts suggest that when purchasing stone products, marble, diabase and other materials with relatively low radioactivity and conforming to GB6566-2001 standard are suitable for bedroom, bathroom and study; when granite is used for floor decoration, living room, dining room, The kitchen is more suitable.

■ Buying natural stone depends on the “radioactivity test report”

Ma Zhenzhu, director of the National Building Materials Testing Center and senior engineer, told reporters that when purchasing stone, please ask the dealer to provide a test report and present the values ​​of Class A or Class B of the Classification Control Standard for Radioactive Protection of Natural Stone Products. If it belongs to the value of “Class A” (ie, the value of radioactive radiation is small), its scope of use is not limited, that is, it can be used for family room decoration; if it is a “Class B” value, it cannot be used for home room decoration, and It can be used for interior and exterior decoration of all other buildings; if it is a category “C” (ie, the radioactive radiation value is too high), it can not be used for interior decoration of various buildings, and can only be used for exterior decoration of all buildings.

■ Indoor ventilation is very important

Experts remind consumers that the most effective way to eliminate indoor radioactive radiation, radon and various harmful gases is to strengthen indoor ventilation. After getting up in the morning, open the window for half an hour~1 hour, so that there is a variety of accumulations in the night. The polluted dirty air and the fresh outdoor air are fully circulated to ensure that the indoor air is fresh during the day, and the window is still open for half an hour to one hour before going to sleep every night to ensure that the whole family sleeps comfortably and safely at night.

■ natural stone

When choosing natural marble, it depends on whether the polished surface is smooth or not, and it has a specular gloss, which can clearly reflect the scene, whether the pattern is clear, whether there is breakage, and whether the impurities are obvious. The wear resistance and hardness mainly depend on the density. If the density is large, the wear resistance and hardness are high, and vice versa. If you have an old man at home, it is best not to use it on a large scale because it does not slip and avoid slipping and falling.

■ artificial stone

Artificial stone is light in weight, thin in thickness, high in strength, corrosion resistant, and can be artificially controlled. It can be divided into four categories:

Cement-type artificial stone: It is made of various cements as a binder, mixed with crushed marble, granite, industrial waste, etc., and processed through some processes, also called “terrazzo”. This is cheaper, but has poor corrosion resistance and is prone to microcracks, which is only suitable for sheet metal.

Polyester artificial stone: It is made of unsaturated polyester as binder, stirred and mixed with quartz sand, marble and calcite powder, cast and formed through some processes. This kind of marble is also what we usually call artificial marble. It is made by mimicking the surface texture of marble. It has the characteristics of marble-like mechanism, and the pattern can be controlled by the designer. It has good reproducibility and good. The machinability can be made into different shapes, and the price is relatively higher.

Post time: Sep-27-2019
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