Anti-static tips

1.What materials will be used in anti-static stone display racks:
Anti-static stone display frame material: carbon steel chrome-plated steel. The chrome plating has good chemical stability and does not function in alkali, sulfide, nitric acid and most organic acids, but is soluble in hydrochloric acid (such as hydrochloric acid) and hot sulfuric acid. Therefore, it can block the air well and prevent the steel from being oxidized. This is a good material for making anti-static stone display racks.
2.Make our stone display stand transparent and practical:
It can effectively prevent the stone sample from slipping and strengthen the anti-static effect. Suitable for display, the shape is clean and bright. The sturdy carbon steel chrome mesh promotes air circulation, and the anti-static shelf laminate is made of carbon steel chrome mesh. Flexible and flexible, easy to install, elegant and generous, the steel skeleton is environmentally friendly. Simple and beautiful, it is made of carbon steel chrome mesh and pillars and accessories. It is very durable.
Speaking of this advantage, we are not as good as the action, we also customize a set of anti-static stone display racks for our stone exhibition hall, so that the display rack products are beautiful and atmospheric at the time of sale, a humanized design and construction stone display rack, using environmentally friendly products, A good artifact for your stone samples. The Qianfan exhibition has specially developed a stone display rack that can even be anti-static. Of course, there are also various stone tile display racks. Welcome your inquiries and we will tailor your stone brand sales display artifacts for you!

Post time: May-22-2019
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