Acrylic display stand maintenance

We all know that acrylic data racks can be used to store some stone samples, which bring a lot of convenience to people’s lives. Acrylic data racks are widely used in exhibition halls, exhibitions, stores, promotional points, etc., although they are beautiful in appearance and light in weight. Easy to form and other advantages, but the use of acrylic material frame for a long time will accumulate dust, accidentally burned and other issues. So, how should we effectively maintain the acrylic display stand?

1, Cleaning

Acrylic has a strong electrostatic effect and it is easy to adsorb some particulate matter, so it is necessary to pay attention to cleaning it. Otherwise, it will absorb a lot of dust if it is not cleaned for a long time. It can be rinsed with a clean towel or water, and then wiped clean. If the surface of the acrylic is oily, use an acrylic detergent to scrub. When cleaning, rinse with water. Do not scratch the acrylic panel during the cleaning process because the treated acrylic panel is susceptible to scratching.

2, Waxing

If you feel that the brightness does not meet your requirements after cleaning, you can do the waxing process. If you want the acrylic material frame to look more glamorous, you can use the liquid polishing wax, then wipe it evenly with a towel.


If the acrylic data frame is inadvertently damaged, then it is recommended to use IPS adhesive glue.

In addition to the above we mentioned these methods, you may wish to try the lemon cleaning method: the acrylic display frame was accidentally burned by the heat and left a hot mark, it is recommended to first wipe with a lemon slice, and then use the hot water soaked Wipe the cloth with a soft cloth and then dry it quickly with a dry towel to restore the original light.

Post time: Sep-16-2019
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