The Stone Display Rack Design /The Placement Of the Stone Display Rack

First:The Stone Display Rack Design

1, stability

No matter how beautiful the appearance of the display rack, it will still have good stability in the end, so as to ensure the long-term use of the display rack and bring convenience to the user’s life.

2, to carefully analyze your own space

Before purchasing the display rack, you must make a detailed analysis of your own space. If conditions permit, you can customize the special storage display rack to the display rack manufacturer. Only by purchasing a display rack that suits you can you make the most of the space. At the same time, it can also reduce the frequency of accidents.

Second:the placement of the stone display rack

1. The principle of product classification on the display rack that must be met, and the display principle that the display rack must conform to.

2, the sale of the price is due to meet the special needs of customers and the goods displayed on the sales display, classified as end products, piled goods

3, in the season of selling goods, goods, preferential prices, high gross profit, clearance, negative gross profit goods should not be a pile of goods display.

4. The goods displayed on the display rack are all the cards (bottom of the tray), instead of directly contacting the ground. The pile shows that the goods should accept the card and exceed the size.

Post time: Aug-12-2019
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