Several common materials in stone display racks

Today I want to introduce you to several materials commonly used in stone display racks:

1. Stainless steel material

Advantages: It has corrosion and high temperature resistance, as well as its acid resistant medium, high temperature oxidation resistance, and is very strong.
Disadvantages: Stainless steel prices are more expensive.

2. Wood material
Advantages: high grade, strong aesthetics, light weight and clear lines.
Disadvantages: afraid of moisture, long time is easy to deform.

3. Glass material
Advantages: The glass has a good sense of transparency, no pollution, strong fashion and low cost.
Disadvantages: fragile, the surface is not easy to clean, easy to have water stains.

4. Metal materials
Advantages: good heat resistance, not easy to age and loss, not easily contaminated with dust and stains
Disadvantages: not easy to form and process, easy to rust, poor light transmission.

5. Acrylic material
Advantages: good adhesion, good toughness, moisture and dry resistance, light transmission
Disadvantages: the price is more expensive

Post time: Aug-08-2019
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