Quartz stone countertop joint blackening repair method

As the country’s environmental protection requirements continue to increase, a variety of building materials have certain restrictions, as the government’s vigorous support of quartz stone is gradually entering a family, becoming the leader of the cabinet countertop materials.
In addition to being beautiful and durable, quartz stone has the greatest advantage of being environmentally friendly. Nowadays people’s material living standards have improved, so they pay more attention to environmental protection. Compared with ordinary building materials filled with formaldehyde, die-casting new artificial stone is rapidly occupying the market of other decorative materials. Because the production process is different from other artificial stone products, it is called quartz stone by quartz stone manufacturers. The appearance of quartz stone can avoid over-exploitation of natural stone, but also absorb some abolished materials. Although the price of quartz stone is high, the decorative effect is higher than other stone materials, and the large area uses no color difference.

Up to now, the quartz stone products we know are the countertops, but many problems have also occurred on the countertops, such as the most troubled seams.

The countertops are often installed, and the seams will gradually become apparent after a period of use. The reason for blackening is to add excessive amount of glue curing agent to cause blackening of the glue; in addition, the glue may be oxidized in the air for a long time to cause blackening. This is the case with most glues, the difference being only the length of time and the depth of the color. This is why quartz stone manufacturers will be equipped with special glue! In addition, when the countertop is made and installed, the processing master is not strict with the seam, the gap is too large, and the bleed for a long time causes the splicing seam line to turn yellow and black during the use.

The repair method can be polished with a polishing machine, waxed after polishing, and sprayed with varnish or brightener, but this method cannot be eradicated and needs to be waxed regularly. Another is to find professionals to re-splicing.

Post time: Sep-18-2019
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