Matters needing attention during the daily use of ceramic display racks

I. Placement environment: Many display stands are made of steel or wood products. If it is placed in a humid environment and mixed with moisture in the air, it will easily rust and crack. A long display stand is naturally useless. In this case, avoid placing it in a moderately large place. If it is necessary to place it in this environment, it is recommended to use an air drying agent. Use a cow blanket on the ground. This will be better.

Second, arbitrarily placed: buy a display stand can not wait to put all your exhibits on the display stand, causing serious overload of the display stand. The consequences of this may lead to the collapse of the showcase. Not only increases the risk factor of the human body, but also easily destroys the placement structure of the display rack itself. The general display racks are designed by professional designers, and they are well thought out in terms of strength and beauty. The proportion of gold that the layman placed on the display rack was gone.

3. Suitable sun exposure: Proper sunlight irradiation can not only sterilize and disinfect, but also release the original elemental structure ratio of the restoration display. Make the display stand more durable.

Fourth, the feather duster often clean: in order to make the paint more glamorous and bright, not so fast become dull. It is necessary to clean the dust on the display rack with common feather dusters.

Post time: Sep-09-2019
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