Different stone needs to choose different display stand

There are so many kinds of stone in China, and many of them can be divided into many (granite, marble, limestone, sandstone, volcanic rock, quartz stone, slate, basalt, artificial stone, etc.). They all have their own advantages, but they also have their own shortcomings. In the face of the increasingly fierce competition in foreign countries, domestic stone if it is a place in foreign stations. It has become a problem that more and more old stone suppliers need to think about.

From our early price wars to the current competitive advantage. Stone products are being displayed to foreign customers on various sides. Especially worthy of encouragement is no matter which stone exhibition in China. As long as you go in. It is not the stones that attract you. It is the exquisite stone display equipment that can no longer be exquisite. This is a big step forward for the Chinese. I still remember that 7-8 years ago, the display stands on our stone exhibition halls were almost the same, and most of them were grayish black. The shape is ugly and the color is dull. It is really difficult for many foreign friends to raise interest in their stone.

The innovative spirit of the Chinese may not be strong. But learning ability is ranked number in the world. Smart people can always take the lead. They began to learn the design style and layout of foreign exhibition halls. It quickly gained good sales. So it caused the trend of follow-up. It also gives China’s display rack industry a good growth environment.

Therefore, the display stand is not static. They are the stone categories that need to be followed up, and the materials of the stone varieties are comprehensively judged. In order to make your product display simpler and more beautiful, carefully design a stone display stand that only belongs to you, so that your stone is unique in the exhibition hall. This is the purpose of our custom display racks, and it is also the reason why stone display rack enterprises can survive.

Post time: Sep-06-2019
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